at the Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art

24.01. - 18.02.2022.

Remotely (Zoom platform)

The 80th International Scientific Conference of the University of Latvia at the Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art will take place from 24.01.2022. until 18.02.2022, offering to participate with presentations of research results in one of the 15 sections of the conference of the Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art.

Paper submission

Register and submit your article until 10.06.2022.



Fee for submitting an article for publication*:

Article 100 EUR
Article (for employee of the University of Latvia) 50 EUR
Article (for students) 50 EUR
Article (for students of the University of Latvia) 25 EUR

*The fee is applicable considering the status of the first author.

The fee for submitting an article includes the organizational processes of submitting, processing and evaluating the article, as well as commission fees for transfers made in the conference system. In case of rejection of the article, the contribution made, which covers the aforementioned costs, will not be returned to the author.


Paper presentation

Participation in the Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art conference sections with a paper presentation is free of charge.

Proceedings of the conference sessions will be submitted for evaluation for their inclusion in Web of Science. Previous editions are already accepted.

Requirements for Article design


Valeria Cavioni

University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy
The PROMEHS project: a universal multi-component curriculum to promote mental health in schools

Marc Depaepe

University of Latvia, Latvia;

University of Leuven, Belgium
Can educational historiography play a role in promoting quality, technology and humanity in education?

Heidi Hyytinen

University of Helsinki, Finland
How can we enhance the generic skills of undergraduate students?

If you want to participate in the conference as a listener without presenting a report, registration is not required. Before the conference, a Zoom link will be published, through which it will be possible to join the relevant conference section on the online platform.

► During the conference it will be possible to register to receive a certificate of participation in the conference as a listener.